The Spirit of the 1988 Winter Games Lives on 28 Years Later

In January 1988, I started my first term as an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary - it is sometimes hard to believe it was 28 years ago. Wow! ...

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The Shredder

Many years ago, the only shredder on campus was in the President's Office and special permission had to be sought from the executive assistant to use it. While working in the Faculty...

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1972 Canada-Russia Hockey Series -- at U of C

Well, I was just a young undergrad at U of C in 1972 but, being a true Canadian, I loved hockey. On that late September day, the 28th I and hundreds of others were crammed into the...

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88 Olympics - kicked out for a cause

I graduated in December of 1989 from the Faculty of Physical Education. We went through a time of positive upheaval in the faculty as the facilities for the 1988 Olympic Games were...

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Marvellous Mayor

I remember having lost an election when our current mayor won his race to be student president. He was kind enough to spend time comforting me although he had every right to go enjoy...

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Thoughts on arriving in 1969

By Chris Wiseman, Professor Emeritus of English & Creative Writing ...

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Memories of UofC

By Ron D., alumnus ...

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Putting the University of Calgary on the international map

By Ramesh Joshi, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering This just to make an attempt to let you know about a small contribution this old man made to put the University of Calgary on...

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Brief Anecdotes from 1965

By Josephine Evetts-Secker, Professor of English ...

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Down Memory Lane: 46 Years of Comparative Family Studies

By Dr. George Kurian, Managing Editor, Journal of Comparative Family Studies and Professor Emeritus of Sociology ...

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