The Man of All Seasons

My name is Hassen Dorrah, P. Eng. (U of Calgary Alumni M. Sc. in 1972 and Ph. D. in 1975). I joined the Engineering Faculty starting of August 1970 and left the university on July 1975. In between, I had the most wonderful part of my life. I was living all this period at the University Campus Residence (Rundle Hall) all the five Winters and Summers and that is why they used to call me at the residence administration “The Man of all Seasons”. I remember my first monthly scholarship payment at UoC was 300 $, which was at that time more than enough as the whole residence monthly fees (with full board) was less than 130 $. I used to start my graduate research work little bit late after 11:00 but I used to continue working till 2:00 or after in the early morning. This has provided me with a lot of quietness to concentrate in my research work as most of my colleagues used to come early in the morning and leave before 17:30. My supervisor Dr. Spenser Nichols used to work also in the evening. I remember one day Professor Nichols passed by my office at the Electrical Engineering Dept. at 1:00 in the early morning and found that my room was closed. The second day he came to my office and told me joking “Hassen, you are getting soft”. My answer was very interesting as I told him that yesterday was my birthday and I promised myself some little celebration so I decided to leave at 23:30 to celebrate the remaining half an hour of my birthday. For all those who are now teaching and studying at University of Calgary, they should remember that there were very dedicated pioneering first generations who strived very hard and strongly helped to put the main base that made now UoC one of the most distinguished worldwide academic institutions. I am attaching cover and sample part of the University of Calgary” Student Directory” of academic year 1971-1972 documenting “alphabetically” the name, address, phone and photos of all the attending students from all faculties both undergraduates and graduates . Unfortunately, during my study at Calgary, such directory was only published once at this year and was distributed free of charge to every attending student. In this directory, I put a color mark at the top of the photo of my friends and colleagues. I used then from time to time during the last 45 years to have a thorough look to this directory and make a quick journey to the most wonderful part of my life.

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