1985 to 1988

I arrived in Calgary summer of 1985 starting my Bachelor of Arts (History) as an overseas student. Calgary as always is gorgeous in the summer. It was not easy having to attend lectures On those sunny summer days. However, not all was lost, thanks to the good sense of one professor in particular who would take the lecture outside on some glorious days.

I will also always savor memories of enjoying the pool and gymnasium facilities. It was also nostalgic to recall attending the weekly fitness classes in those '80s aerobic outfits. Such style and fun! For hangouts, my favourite is the art cafeteria where the statues of Socrates and Plato used to reside. There were no Starbucks or Good Earth those days but when I am campus these days, I sure miss those giant wholesome cookies halved dipped in chocolate and huge scones.

I graduated in the spring of 1988 but could not afford to stay on for my convocation. Hence, it was especially special that I was able to recite the pledge with my daughter when she convocated in 2012.

Emily Bh pang

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