Calgary's Urban Evolution

A university and a city growing together side by side.
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Construction of Olympic Oval

Changing face of Campus

Creating an intellectual hub to empower the problem-solvers of the future, today.
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TransCanada Arch

Culture and Society

Fuelling the cultural and social transformation of a city and region.
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Energy and the Environment

Harnessing the power of our greatest natural resource, knowledge.
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Human Performance Lab

High-performance athletics

Pushing physiological, mechanical, and psychological limits to prepare the next generation of top Canadian athletes.
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How we teach and learn

Challenging, inspiring and helping the curious to stay curious.
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Human and animal health

Improving the lives of others, human and animal alike, by creating the future of health.
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Our place in the universe

Investigating the science of Earth, space, and the evolution of life as we know it.
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Timeline: A Record of Change

Events in time inspire us all to reach for ever more distant heights, to redefine what’s possible and to keep pushing forward.

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