Maureen McLeod (nee Milaney), BEd'66, and Ray McLeod BA'66

Our "love story" dates back to the fall of 1964 when I was in my third year of a four-year Bachelor of Education program. I had recently broken up with a fellow student who was later to become President of the Students' Union, and I was the Associate Editor of The Gauntlet working alongside the then editor, another former boyfriend. We had recently lost our Sports Editor and were looking for someone to volunteer to fill his shoes when a friend suggested he knew someone who just might be interested

A few days later our new recruit walked into The Gauntlet office and immediately proved to be a very competent and knowledgeable sports writer and editor. He was also cute in a James Dean sort of way but rather shy. I really wanted to go out with him, but this was the early 60's and women were still loath to make the first move or any move for that matter. Instead, I conspired with and convinced my best friend, who also worked for The Gauntlet, to play Cupid and suggest to him that he ask me out. Much to our surprise, our strategy worked. He asked me out to a Radsoc (Radio Society) party the following weekend, and the rest, as they say, is history. We dated primarily exclusively from that day forward. The next year we ran The Gauntlet together, me as Editor-in-Chief, and he as Associate Editor; hosted the Canadian University Press National Conference together, he as the Conference Chairman; and in the spring we graduated together.

Then, after our first year out in the real world, we were married at Knox United Church in downtown Calgary on September 21, 1967, a just a bit less than three years after we met at in The Gauntlet Office at the university.  We were both in the last graduating class from UAC in the spring of 1966.  I graduated with a B.Ed. and he with a B.A.

We stayed together through career changes; job losses; entrepreneurial ventures, volunteer projects, property gains and losses, job-related separations, emotional upheavals, and dozens of moves around Calgary, in Canada and to several foreign countries. We raised two beautiful and talented daughters and watched our two grandsons blossom into intelligent and caring young men. Our younger daughter with her Bachelor of General Studies and our older grandson with his Bachelor of Arts in English have added to the family alumni tally. Somewhere along the way I managed to fit in a term as President of the Alumni Association and as a member of the University Senate among all our other volunteer efforts.

Originally published in UCalgary Alumni Magazine. Updated 2017. 

This fall would have been Ray and Maureen’s 50th Anniversary. 

In honour of the memory of Raymond Boyd McLeod September 8, 1945 - March 11, 2013.


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