Khulud Baig, BA'15 and Maaz Shahid, BSc'16​

I often joke with my fiancé that we should have our engagement photos taken in TFDL and Mac Hall since that’s where most of our relationship came about. It’s really funny how much of a role the university has played in our relationship. My fiancé, Maaz, and I met through volunteering for a student club. At the time, he was the club president and I, a general volunteer, who had been recruited by a couple of my friends. The student club we were volunteering for was the Muslims Students’ Association (MSA). 

I’m going to go on a tangent here and say that the club has a bit of a reputation as an eHarmony for young Muslim students on campus. Not surprising, really, because it serves as a platform where Muslim students all over the university get a chance to interact. For the longest time, Maaz did not want to admit that we played into the stereotype.

It was Fall 2014, when Maaz and I ended up overlapping volunteer shifts at SU Clubs Week. In the 30 minutes that we were volunteering at the table together, Maaz asked me about other clubs I was involved with and what interested me about them. The other club I was involved with at the time worked on raising awareness for sex-trafficking in Canada. Considering it was a hard topic to have a “casual” conversation around, I was impressed that Maaz was interested in knowing more. I, with all my passion about saving the world, had many opinionated contributions to make, and he, keeping calm and composured, had equally engaging responses to keep the conversation going. 

I am lucky to say that the conversation we started on that day in Fall 2014 has flown in lengths. One of the best qualities about Maaz is that he knows how to listen well (and trust me, I can TALK!) and be present in every conversation he has. 
After finishing school, Maaz and I were able to bring marriage to the table with our parents, who after enough persistence realized that maybe being married young isn’t that bad after all. We got engaged in August 2016 and are planning a wedding for this summer!

As we charge along, here’s to more conversations, more volunteering and more occasional visits to the University of Calgary to reminisce on it all! 


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