Dr. Douglas Mirtle, BEd'66, MA'74 and Lilly Mirtle (Myhre), BEd'77 

I enrolled in the Faculty of Education at the U. of C. in September of 1958 (back then it was still the University of Alberta at Calgary located in the West end of S.A.I.T.). My first year was a very thrilling year for me. New surroundings and many new routines and challenges. I was not into dating at that time although there were many attractive girls on campus. 

To tell the truth I was very bashful and felt that I would probably be turned down if asked for a date. The second year I remember Frosh Week and the excitement of starting another new year. There would be the usual snake dance down 14th street, parties, and numerous other fun things to do to edge into the grind of studies. 

I remember very clearly that during this week I was getting my things out of my locker on the third floor when I heard the chatter of two lovely frosh ladies across from me. I watched them busy themselves putting things in and taking things out of their locker. One in particular caught my eye. She just seemed to me to radiate the idea of a "pretty woman." I said nothing but just observed as they carried on to their classes. I found myself looking forward to another chance meeting and once in awhile I was able to see this girl as she used her locker. She didn't notice me as she was always in a hurry to go somewhere else. I was interested to say something to her for sure, but I didn't know what to say, therefore I said nothing. Obviously I eventually said hello.  

I had the good fortune to finally meet her a few weeks later at a Lutheran Students' Association meeting, and the rest is history. Since then we have both had good teaching careers and raised a family. I have three children and six grandchildren. The grandchildren continue to have close associations with us so even in retirement we are both very busy helping family. For recreation, we like to bike and do Yoga and both my wife and I have continued to go to the U. of C. We utilize the Fitness and Lifestyle center to help keep up our health and strength, and I do a lot of contemplation. I enjoy the wild buzz at lunchtime. I find it exciting and refreshing. 

Originally published in UCalgary Alumni Magazine


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