David Swain, MA'10 and Amanda Casey, MSc'02, PhD'06

Not many people can say that they literally picked up their future spouse at the airport...but that is what happened to Amanda in September 2005. As a nervous foreign exchange student from the University of Nottingham in England, I had asked the International Office at the U of C to arrange a ride from the airport for when I first arrived in Calgary. Although I was jetlagged, it was not hard to notice the first person to greet me in Canada, a kinesiology graduate student holding a sign with my name on it thst said 'Welcome to Calgary!' After some small talk, Amanda drove me to my new apartment where she fully intended to drop me off and return to the monotony of thesis writing, but fate intervened. I was locked out of my new abode in the Northwest and we ended up going for lunch in Kensington and the rest, as cliches say, is history. Amanda would finish her PhD and I would return to complete a Masters at the University of Calgary. More importantly, we married three years later and are now the proud parents of two young children. 

Originally published in UCalgary Alumni Magazine. Updated 2017. 

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