A Story of Origins

Since 1966, a vision has come to life.
University of Calgary Dinosaurs football injuries

The evolution of a community

To truly know a university, you have to look beyond the buildings. You have to seek out quiet conversations, noisy rallies, cultural gatherings and bar crawls. You have to think past the knowledge learned and the skills acquired to the personal bonds you’ve made. How have they changed you? And how are you still evolving together?

The evolution of achievement

Who surrounds us when we first begin to strive for greatness? If we’re lucky, the people around us push us to be better. They inspire us to redefine what’s possible and to reach for ever more distant heights. They challenge our world view and expand our perspective. 

Downtown Calgary

The evolution of a city

More than a hundred thousand UCalgary alumni walk our city streets. They design our roads, they guard our health and they teach our children to read. Since 1966, the evolution of Calgary and the evolution of UCalgary is the same story. It’s your story. Tell your chapter and help us create the next 50 years.

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50 Years of

Human and animal health

Improving the lives of others, human and animal alike, by creating the future of health.

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Timeline: A Record of Change

Events in time inspire us all to reach for ever more distant heights, to redefine what’s possible and to keep pushing forward.

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Your Stories

Your stories leave a lasting mark on UCalgary's evolving culture and campuses. Tell your chapter and help us create the next 50 years.

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